Building Works Building Works Exterior Refurb before works 95223901 Exterior refurb 2 before works 95223902 exterior refurb 3 before works 95223899 exterior refurb 4 during. New porch rebuild in Meranti Hard wood 95223898 Exterior refurb 5 During new guttering, new porch roof. 95223905 Exterior refurb 6 during. Meranti hard wood porch construction. 95223897 Exterior refurb Porch finished. 95223906 Exterior refub 7 Finished. re rendered, new roof, new guttering, new fascias and soffits and painted. 95223908 Exterior refurb 8 Finished 95223909 Exterior refurb 9 Finished 95223910 Exterior refurb 10 Finished. 95223911 Exterior refurb rear of property walls rendered and painted. new surface gullies and paved. Finished 95223912 Exterior refurb rear Finished. 95223907 exterior refurb rear Finished. Paved, rendered, new roof matching front of house porch roof, new double glazing and painted. 95223913